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Welcome to Wild Rider! Photos of our new motorcycles!

Motorcycle Adventure

Get ready now for some serious bike action. Whether you choose on of our guided tours, or if you just rent a bike from us, here you find all the information you need. For self guided tours we will give you detailed road maps and lots of advices on where to go and which trails to take.
Click here for more information about our adventure tours or click here for more information about our motorcycle rental.

4x4 Budget Car Rental

You want to discover remote places in Costa Rica with the comfort of having a 4x4 car? But you don't want to spend fortunes on rental and all types of insurances, fees and hidden charges? Then rent with us: Friendly service with great info, backpacker rates, low safety deposit and guaranteed no hidden charges!
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Wild Rider Costa Rica for great car rental rates!

Welcome at Wild Rider: The specialist for your individual Costa Rica adventure! For over 10 year we are renting dual sport bikes and 4x4 cars at economic rates. What makes us special is the fact that we offer much more, than just the renting you a vehicle:

Get Tips And Hints From The Costa Rica Experts!

You can count on our services even well before you start your trip. We will be glad to help you in advance, in working out the best tour for you and give you advises on what to see, where to stay and what to do. Having in the business for such a long time, we are experts in advising you, which parts are the best to see at the different seasons in the year. At the time you actually rent the vehicle, we will take lots of time to give you advises on safety precautions, road conditions and driving habits, and what to do in case of accidents or any other problems. We will also give you detailed road maps and clear directions on how to get to your destinations.

Rent Daihatsu Bego

No Hidden Costs

We include all costs and fees in our offers, there are no hidden costs and no bad surprises at the time of renting the vehicle. We are the only car rental agency, that will not charge you for a second driver.

Contact Person Throughout Your Trip

We are a multilingual team. During your trip, you will always be able to talk to one of our competent English-speaking staff members in case of any problems or questions.

Vehicles In Perfect Shape

We do all maintenance work on our vehicles in our own workshop. We always make sure that the vehicles are equipped with very good tires and that engine, brakes, suspension etc. are maintained/replaced regularly.

In the rare case of a technical problem, we have partner workshops throughout the country that can do necessary repairs. Or we will send our own mechanic, if needed with a replacement vehicle.

For more information about us, click here: (about us).